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Relative links in feeds

The problem#

In an RSS/Atom feed, relative links are a bad idea because it's unclear what they're relative to. There are ways to specify a base for them to be relative to, but since feed readers do not consistently respect those mechanisms, it's safer to just always use absolute URLs in feeds. And Pelican recommends setting RELATIVE_URLS = False to always generate absolute URLs. But that setting does not apply to the anchor links generated by the Markdown toc extension to link to headers.

The solution#

I wrote a Pelican plugin, absolute_anchors which rewrites all link destinations starting with # in every article to add the absolute URL of the article at the beginning of the link.

The details#

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Download all items in a podcast

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Podcasts are a simple extension to RSS: in addition to text and a link, posts can include a file to be downloaded. In the case of podcasts, this is an audio file. Due to this, while many specialized podcast applications exist, any news aggregator will work, although it might not have the best interface for that use case.

My normal workflow for podcasts is to keep track of them in a news aggregator and explicitly download the files to a local folder. While this isn't overly onerous for a weekly podcast, it is a repetitive task that could be automated. More importantly, downloading an entire backlog of dozens of episodes that way would take a while.

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Twitter via RSS

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Twitter no longer offers an RSS feed. That thread offers a few workarounds which involve external or non-free services or require creating a Twitter account. One of those external services, TwitRSS.me is open-source with its code on GitHub. This code can be run locally to view Twitter streams in Liferea (or any other news aggregator) without relying on an external service.

Specifically, the Perl script twitter_user_to_rss.pl is the relevant part. It's intended to be used on a webserver, so the output includes HTTP headers:

Content-type: application/rss+xml
Cache-control: max-age=1800

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

which can be cleaned out with tail in the script twitter_user_to_rss_file, which assumes it's in the same directory as twitter_user_to_rss.pl:

"$(dirname "$0")/twitter_user_to_rss.pl" "user=$1&replies=1" \
    | tail -n +4

twitter_user_to_rss_file also handles the argument format of the script, so it just takes a single argument which is the Twitter username. The replies=1 part tells the script to use the Tweets & replies view which includes tweets that begin with @.

When creating a subscription in Liferea, the advanced options include a choice of source type. To use the script, set the source type to Command and the source to

/path/to/twitter_user_to_rss_file username

My version of twitter_user_to_rss.pl includes a few differences from the original that make it a bit more usable. Most importantly, links are made into actual links (based on this code), images are included in the feed content, tweets are marked with their creator to make it easier to follow retweets and combinations of tweets from multiple feeds together in a single stream.

Title filtering for Liferea

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Liferea is a desktop news aggregator (sometimes called an RSS reader). Unlike the late Google Reader or most of its alternatives like the open-source Tiny Tiny RSS which are web-based and run on a server to be accessed via a web browser, Liferea is a separate desktop application and uses an embedded browser to view content.

The problem#

Sometimes you don't actually care about all of the items in a feed and the site provides no filtering mechanism. If the uninteresting items are rare enough, you can just ignore them, but a news aggregator is most useful if it only notifies you of news items you actually might want to read.

The solution#

Luckily, Liferea is very flexible. It supports running a command on a feed which it calls a conversion filter. I wrote some python scripts to filter feeds by title locally.

For instance, I wanted to follow only the changelog posts in the forum feed http://braceyourselfgames.com/forums/feed.php, but it includes changes to all forum topics, so I checked the Use conversion filter option and set the conversion filter to

/path/to/atom_filter_title.py --whitelist "Re: Change log"

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