A Weird Imagination


My name is Daniel Perelman, and this is my blog about Linux and programming. For a little more about me and this blog, see my first blog post.

Blog name

As this blog post explains, the name of this blog comes from the man page of GNU screen, which includes the bug

A weird imagination is most useful to gain full advantage of all the features.

Copyright and licensing

The intention of content on this blog is to be useful to people. Due to the nature of copyright law, all of the content of this blog, unless otherwise noted (for example, comments), is copyright Daniel Perelman. While using the information contained in these blog posts, including copying code snippets off a website likely qualifies as fair use, IANAL. Therefore, in order to formalize that, I explicitly grant rights to the content of this blog under the following licenses:

Contact perelman@aweirdimagination.net with any questions or requests to use this content under a different license.

Microsoft's lawyers request that I clarify that while I am an employee of Microsoft, this is my own personal website with no association to Microsoft.