A Weird Imagination

Change title based on visible section

The problem

In the computer game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, the "bomb expert" players are looking at a fictional "bomb manual", often frantically searching for the right page. While the intention is for this document to be printed out—and physical paper makes it relatively easy to keep the headings at the top of each page visible—there is also a web version if you prefer to view it on a screen (or don't have access to a printer). Scrolling through the web version feels a lot more awkward than flipping through the paper version; one workaround I found was to open different pages in different browser tabs or windows, but then identifying which page is in which window is still awkward.

The solution

I created a userscript, "BombManual.com Tab Title and TOC" that automatically updates the tab title to match the title of the currently visible page. It additionally adds a table of contents to make it easy to quickly open all of the pages in separate tabs or windows.

If you do not already have one, you will need to install a userscript manager extension for your browser to use it. Alternatively, you could bookmark this bookmarklet, but as you would have to click that bookmark on every instance of the page you opened, that's less convenient.

The details

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