A Weird Imagination

Serverless WebRTC

The problem

While in my last post, I said serverless WebRTC was too cumbersome, I wanted to try to see how streamlined I could make the process. While researching, I did find a variant of serverless-webrtc called serverless-webrtc-qrcode as well as a similar demo, webrtc-qr that both use QR codes as an easy way to transmit the offer strings. But both require that both sides have a camera to scan QR codes, while my use case is a WebRTC connection between my desktop without a camera and my smartphone.

The solution

minimal-webrtc now has a checkbox to enable serverless mode. In that mode, the QR code shown by the host is a much longer URL that includes the initial WebRTC offer. Opening that URL on another device (or in another browser window) will show another QR code along with a "Copy" button. With the first device, either press the "Scan QR code" button and point it at the QR code or use some other mechanism to copy the text and paste it into the text area labeled "Paste offer here:".

To run it locally, download the source code and run a web server to serve the wwwroot/ directory. If both devices can run a web server, then you can just access it via localhost on each, but, as before, because WebRTC requires HTTPS, to run it on your local network, you may need to set up a self-signed certificate.

The details

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