A Weird Imagination

Borderless browser window

The problem#

Web browser UIs have a lot more than just displaying the web page, which is useful when using them as a browser, but clutters the screen if all we want is to define what is displayed on part of the screen using HTML. So, can we get Firefox into a mode where it really does show just the website and nothing else? Firefox does have a fullscreen mode that does that, but it covers an entire monitor.

The solution#

To hide all of the Firefox menus and toolbars, put the following in the chrome/userChrome.css file under your Firefox profile directory (you will likely want to create a separate profile from the one you use for web browsing):

#TabsToolbar, #TabsToolbar-customization-target,
#nav-bar, #urlbar-container, #searchbar {
  visibility: collapse !important;

To hide the window border and titlebar, compile toggle-decorations.c and run

firefox &
./toggle-decorations $(xdotool selectwindow)

and then click on the Firefox window once it opens. It may be easier to bind it to a hotkey with xdotool getactivewindow or use some other way to identify the window.

The details#

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