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Hardlink identical directory trees

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The problem#

I will often make copies of important files onto multiple devices, and then later make backups of all of those devices onto the same drive. At which point, I now have multiple redundant copies of those files within my backup. Tools like rdfind, fdupes, and jdupes exist to deal with the general problem of searching a collection of files for duplicates efficiently, but none of them support only checking if files are identical if their filenames and/or paths match, so they end up doing a lot of extra work in this case.

The solution#

Download the script I wrote, hardlink-dups-by-name.sh and run it as follows:

hardlink-dups-by-name.sh a_backup/ another_backup/

Then all files like a_backup/some/path that are identical to the corresponding file another_backup/some/path will get hard-linked together so there will only be one copy of the data taking up space.

The details#

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