A Weird Imagination

100% CPU usage in games with Nvidia Linux drivers

The problem#

Every game, no matter how old and simple, I run on my computer constantly uses an entire CPU thread even when idling at a menu. (Except for some newer multi-threaded games that do the same with multiple threads!) To raise this from a curiosity to a problem, this means that my computer's fans are on at full blast whenever I have a game going, so I notice.

The solution#

To be clear, that symptom could be the result of many different possible causes, others of which I may explore in future blog posts.1 But specifically for systems with Nvidia GPUs using the Nvidia proprietary driver (as opposed to nouveau), setting the environmental variable __GL_YIELD to USLEEP fixed the issue in some games for me. To do so when running a single game, run __GL_YIELD="USLEEP" /path/to/game or to do so permanently, add the line

export __GL_YIELD="USLEEP"

to ~/.profile and restart X.

The details#

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