A Weird Imagination

Emulating Xbox controllers using GameCube controllers

The problem

I previously wrote about making different controllers act like Xbox 360 controllers. While it's a useful general-purpose solution, it's can be a bit clunky to have to explicitly set the mappings for each controller. More importantly, the remapping leaves the original controller entries in /dev/input/, although they don't do anything, and some games1 assume that the four players are controlled by the first four controllers. This is no longer true if js0 is the real first controller and js1 is the copy made by xboxdrv to look like an Xbox 360 controller. Or, worse, if js0-js3 are the four real controllers and js4-js7 are the ones we want the game to actually use.

The specific reason I'm remapping the controllers, is that the gamepads I'm actually using are GameCube controllers connected via the Nintendo GameCube controller Adapter for Wii U, which connects up to four GameCube controllers to a USB port. wii-u-gc-adapter makes them usable as controllers, but they appear different enough from Xbox 360 controllers that remapping them is necessary for most games.

The solution

Just build and use the version of wii-u-gc-adapter in my feature/mimic-xpad branch and your GameCube controllers will show up as Xbox controllers.

The details

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